Basic Photography Course

KPS is planning to run a Basic Photography Course, commencing April 15 2023 .

Run by Peter Knight, this course is ideal for new members that want to get to know their camera and the fundamentals of photography or even for more experienced photographers who just want a refresher and a few pointers.

For example, many people know to close down their aperture to get more stuff in focus.

However, there may be a problem with too small (or closed down) aperture.

Take our Basic Photography Course to find out what this problem is.

Don't have a clue what an aperture is?

Take our Basic Photography Course to find out what it is and why you should care.

Bookings are now open on our website for KPS members only.   If you are currently not a KPS member but are interested, you will need to join (Full member $70.00), then sign up for the course at an additional cost of $50.00.

How to join? Click HERE

Membership is for 12 months from your sign up date and includes all the benefits of being a member of KPS.

Maximum number in the class will be 10.

You can sign up via our website - just go to the KPS Shop (you will need to be logged in),  and click on Basic Photography Course with Peter Knight then follow the instructions.

What will be in the course?

How the camera produces an image
Setting up your camera to get the best results from it
Differences between raw and jpg images
Pros and cons of different types of camera
The effects of different lenses
Are you getting what you want from your camera? Taking control of your image capture. Diagnosing things that may have gone wrong.
Controlling exposure – effects of shutter speed, aperture and ISO
Controlling depth of field
Interactions and possible compromises when choosing camera settings
The effects of different types of light, basic use of flash
The basics of managing colour
Basic composition considerations
Basic post processing considerations
And much more! 

And much more!

Saturday afternoons at Boronia West PS,

Time:  1pm - 3.30pm 
Dates: April 15, 22, 29 and May 6 and 13 2023.

Questions? Contact Peter Knight by email here

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