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June 2022
June 2022
June 2022
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Basic Photography Course - Week 5 of 5 (1:00 PM AUS Eastern Standard Time)
Basic Photography Course - Week 5 of 5
KPS Boot Camp Day 1 (10:00 AM AUS Eastern Standard Time)
Day One of the KPS Boot Camp. KPS Clearance Pre Loved Fantastic Photo gear. All weekend : Photo equipment jumble sale. Some stuff free to a good home, some stuff a donation to the club, some stuff on a sale price. Stands, filters, gizmos, lights, leads, books and much more. Saturday 9.30am Welcome and intro. Craig Wetjen. Portrait photography AM Session Practical workshop (Limited to 12 participants - Need to Register, investment $10.00) Morning tea. High Dynamic Range (HDR) with Andrew Fenwick. Lunch BYO. Mat Cutting. Print mounting and framing. Craig Wetjen. Portrait photography PM Session Practical workshop (Limited to 12 participants - Need to Register, investment $10.00) Sound activated flash. Using ND filters. 4.00 pm finish.
Boot Camp Day 2 (10:00 AM AUS Eastern Standard Time)
Boot Camp Day 2 Sunday 9.45 am Coffee and welcome. How to navigate your way around the KPS website Visual Pursuits (VP), including accessing your gallery, and uploading images into KPS Image Evaluations and Interclub competitions. How to calibrate your screen. Morning tea. Getting your image from camera to a printer or uploaded in VP. Includes very basic prep in an editor such as Lightroom if you are using one. Lunch BYO Practical sessions. Matt cutting, framing and framing, making orbs, light painting, using KPS light boxes. Camera brand groups. 3.30pm Pack up.

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